Decentralised Energy Innovation Showcase
2 -3 February 2015
ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK

Registration opens in September

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Decentralised Energy Innovation Showcase

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Join us in London at the ILEC Conference Centre on 2-3 February 2015 for Decentralised Energy Innovation Showcase. Building on the earlier platform at the 2014 forum which focused on building the business case for district heating and distributed energy projects - business modelling, policy and financing. The 2015 forum will drill down in more depth into the operational execution and funding approaches, solutions and innovations of decentralised energy projects that are progressing the industry.
View coverage of our last meeting, see photos of all the action and download the speaker presentation slides now.

Why Decentralised Energy?

Why Decentralised Energy?

Rising energy prices, security of supply, fuel poverty and the necessity to reduce carbon emissions are among the biggest socio-economic and environmental issues facing the UK currently. A solution to all of these issues comes in the form of decentralised energy, bridging the gap between the big 6 commercial energy providers and the growth of successful new smaller scale projects.

This is a must-attend event for technical, procurement, purchasing and engineering directors working on sustainable energy planning from local authorities, housing developers, landlords, corporations, hospitality as well as heating & cooling, solar and wind technology providers themselves and consultants.

  • Peter North
    Senior Manager of Programme Delivery At Greater London Authority

    Peter North holds a BSc in Engineering and a MSc in Building Services Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institution of...

  • Jeff Laidler
    Head of Sustainability, Enfield Borough Council

    Jeff is Head of Sustainability at the London Borough of Enfield and is an experienced programme manager in environmental and economic development, with 15 years’ experience in the public and private-sector. ...

  • Jo Colwell
    Environmental Sustainability Manager, Oxford City Council

    Jo Colwell is Environmental Sustainability Manager at Oxford City Council leading the service area that covers environmental policy, climate change and energy along with partnership work with key external stakeholders. ...

  • Mairi Brookes
    OxFutures Programme Leader, Oxford City Council

    Mairi Brookes is the OxFutures Programme Manager at Oxford City Council leading the delivery of the EU grant-funded OxFutures programme to mobilise investment in local energy infrastructure......

  • Will Clark
    Associate Director Energy & Environment, Sussex Community NHS Trust

    As Associate Director for energy and environmental services at Capita Properties & Infrastructure, Will is responsible for developing sustainability products and services for the healthcare market. ...

  • Bruce Davis
    Managing Director, Abundance Generation

    Bruce is the Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Abundance, an FCA regulated investing platform enabling people to use their money to build a secure, sustainable UK. ...

  • Neil Farrington
    Senior Manager Renewables & Communities, Community Energy Plus

    Neil holds extensive experience with working with communities and businesses to build awareness of renewable energy options...

  • Simon Borkin
    Programme Director Community Shares Unit, Co-operatives UK

    Simon joined Co-operatives UK last year to lead the Community Shares Unit – a project backed by Department for Communities and Local Government, delivered in partnership with Locality. ...

  • Simon Woodward
    Chairman, UK District Energy Association

    Simon is a passionate advocate of district energy and was instrumental in the formation of the UK District Energy Association...

  • Tom Knowland
    Head of Sustainable Energy & Climate Change, Leeds City Council

    Tom’s role in Leeds City Council is concerned with achieving sustainable development, which effectively means achieving the Council’s corporate priorities for economic, social and environmental improvement...

  • Viviana Huerta
    Project Officer, Renewable Energy Centre, Centre for Innovation and Promotion of Sustainable Energy (CIFES), Chile

    Viviana Huerta has over nine years of experience in environmental impact assessments, emissions estimations, renewable energy development and GHG emissions reduction. ...

  • Syed Hassan
    European Programme Director, World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE)

    Syed Hassan specialises in theory and practice of Decentralized Energy and Climate Change issues...

  • Matthew Webb
    Senior Energy & Carbon Strategy Manager, Transport for London

    Biography to follow...

  • André Gibbs
    Partner, Argent LLP

    André joined Argent in 1998 and became a director in 2004. In 2012 he became a founding Partner of Argent (Property Development) Services LLP. ...

  • Jennifer Belk
    Sustainability Director, London Borough of Camden

    Biography to follow...

Who Should Attend The Forum?

Who Should Attend The Forum?

  • Government, Local Authorities, ESCO’s: Head of procurement, energy procurement, site manager, programme delivery, environment officer, energy, estates, and climate change, head of housing and regeneration estates
  • Community Energy Projects: CEOs, project managers
  • Housing Developers: property services, engineering projects, energy officer,
  • Corporations: Head of procurement, sustainability, environment director, facilities manager,
  • Hospitality/hotels: Head of property, corporate social responsibility, site manager,
  • Hospitals: Purchasing manager, estates and facilities managers,energy manager, operations advisor, environmental strategy, director of
  • Technology Providers: Chief executive officers,corporate development, marketing
  • Bankers/Funders: Heads of advisory, chief executive officers, energy and climate change advisors, directors of energy efficiency
  • Consultants
Why Attend The Forum?

Why Attend The Forum?

  • Hear case studies from experts who have successfully completed decentralised energy, district heating and community energy projects
  • Network with the companies developing technology and services to support your project
  • Meet people who can unlock private and institutional investment for your onsite generation project
  • Benefit from expertise on factors to consider when doing a feasibility or expansion study to ensure optimal output
  • Participate in topical roundtable discussions hosted by leading experts
Forum Highlights

Forum Highlights

  • Platform to examine the options and implications for future energy solutions
  • Exclusive opportunity to hear from key leaders of cities who have successfully rolled out decentralised energy plans
  • Access to private and public investors and partnerships opportunities
  • Innovation Showcase giving attendees first-hand insight of decentralised energy technologies
  • Meet solution providers and experts who assist with your project development or expansion
Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

  • The only place to connect with the entire UK community/decentralised energy ‘supply chain’ in one place
  • Meet Local Authorities and other key public stakeholders to learn from and benchmark your project
  • Network with the companies developing renewable energy technology and providing services you need
  • Variety of interactive formats throughout the programme to maximise interactivity with participants
  • Save time and money: Meet with and get expert advice on the specific challenges facing your project
Did You Know?

Did You Know?

  • In the UK at present, only 4% of electricity comes from renewable sources
  • Business in the UK have the potential to save £33 billion by 2030
  • Decentralised energy is expected to grow by 130% between 2010 and 2030

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Event Details

2 - 3 February 2015

ILEC Conference Centre
47 Lillie Road